Cinderella Phenomenon
General Information
The logo of Cinderella Phenomenon.
Producers Dicesuki
Release Date 4/4/17 (Official Release)
3/28/17 (Early Access)
Cinderella Phenomenon is the second otome game that Dicesuki has produced.



Routes Edit

The recommended order to play the routes as plot can increase slowly but gradually would be as follows :

  1. Rod's Route
  2. Karma's Route
  3. Rumpel's Route
  4. Fritz's Route
  5. Waltz's Route

Additional Information Edit

  • The game is powered by Ren'py Visual Novel Engine.

Promo Countdown Edit

Full Promo Arts In Stripes


  • 6 Days Until You Break His Curse


  • Rod / step brother


  • Literally meaning six days until you can break Rod's Curse.

[Additional Information]

  • The background is an ocean-like area representing Rod's curse.


  • 5 Days Until You Unleash the Beast



  • Literally meaning five days until you can unleash the beast within Karma.

[Additional Information]

  • The background is representing the dark distorted area with an eyes of a beast with Karma in the middle, presuming it means Karma has more than one side to him.

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