" Who's going to pair up with the Ice Princess?"


Sprite delora
General Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color Dark Violet
Eye Color Crimson Red
Family and Friends
Family Loreah (Daughter)
Other Information
Talent Exceptional Magic
First appearance Ice Princess
Delora is a side character and the witch who cursed Lucette with the Cinderella fairy tale curse both to test whether or not she had an ounce of goodness left, and if she did, to give her the catalyst and incentive to change from the  "Ice Princess" she had become and stop her following in her mothers footsteps, since they could not risk another great war when Lucette became the Tenebrarum Bearer.

Personality Edit

Delora generally has a sassy, mischievous, and playful personality, but worries over her loved ones, and is strong until the very end.

She also has a very benevolent and supportive nature. On Fritz route it is revealed Delora had a daughter of her own, Loreah, who was killed by Hildyr. Despite this she isn't bitter or out for revenge, and she only curses Lucette when it becomes clear she is in danger of becoming just like her mother, in order to try and help her realise her mistakes and change, (and to avoid another war), not out of any malice, and her playful teasing of Lucette is just that. In one route in particular, she even becomes almost maternal towards Lucette .


Delora has reddish eyes, long black/purple hair with gold hair braids, a long purple and white dress with a gold embroidered band, and a black and white cloak with long black fingerless gloves/sleevelets

She is slender and appears to be of average height, although perhaps slightly taller.