Fritzgerald Aiden Leverton
Sprite fritz

Sprite fritz


General Information
Fairy Tale Curse Little Red Riding Hood
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 21
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Champagne
Occupation(s) Personal Guard
Aliases Varg (Cursed Form)
Fritz (By Everyone)
Family and Friends
Family Alcaster (Father)
Relationships Lucette (Personal Guarder/Love Interest)

Unknown mother (mother)

Other Information
Talent Extreme Knight Training
First appearance Ice Princess

Fritzgerald Aiden Leverton or rather known as Fritz, otherwise, in his cursed form known as Varg is the personal guard and love interest of Lucette. He was known to be cursed by Mythros, and his curse is Little Red Riding Hood.

Appearance Edit

Fritz is in a sort of guard uniform, He has snow white hair.

Varg Edit

Varg is shown to be very fancy in his clothing and normally wore a mask to conceal his identity from Lucette. He has black hair but still the same skin tone and eye color as Fritz.

Personality Edit

Fritz is shown to be very caring and over-protective over the main heroine and would often be cautious over where she went. He is generally kind to everyone and would help in any way he can.

Varg Edit

Varg is shown to be playful and loves deceiving Lucette at any opportunity he gets. Although, he is shown to be caring even if it's just Fritz's feelings really talking and really does care about the heroine as so does Fritz.