Sprite hildyr
General Information
Species Witch
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Hair Color Faint Pink and Red
Eye Color Tinted Emerald Green
Occupation(s) Tenebrarum Bearer (Former)
Aliases Witch (By the Kingdom)
Family and Friends
Family Genaro (Forced Husband)
Lucette (Daughter)
Friends Parfait (Former)
Enemies Lucette
Other Information
Talent Exceptional Magic
First appearance Ice Princess (mentioned)
Resurrection (actual)
Hildyr is the main antagonist of Cinderella Phenomenon. It was mentioned during her rule in Angielle, King Genaro had no power and all of the kingdom was afraid of her. She was mentioned to be a witch, the strongest witch of that and created the infamous Fairy Tale Curse once the Witch Hunt drove her insane.

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