When prompted, go Left

From Chapter 3. All correct choices are highlighted

Terrible, isn't it?

  • It's terrible
  • It's not that terrible


  • Slap Rumpel
  • Stand up for Rumpel

What is that?

  • Go outside
  • Remain inside

Aren't they both knights? Haven't they been training together for a long time?

  • Just say something to her
  • I can see why you wouldn't tell her

Oh, so it's between those two? Which would you like, Lucette?

  • The fancy cupcake with the lizard
  • The cupcake with the pearls

Karma's smile is forced, and his eyes are glaring at me. I laugh once again, not able to help myself. His expression softens, but only slightly.

  • Tease Karma
  • Attempt to leave with Karma

Princess, I swear on my word I'm bringing you back to the palace.

  • Fight back
  • Wait for an opening

If someone was smiling, the first feature I would look at on their face would be...

  • The eyes
  • The cheeks
  • The lips

Come now, miss, let's go back quietly.

  • Try to fight them
  • Try to convince them

He's standing too close.

  • Step away from him
  • Don't move

Yes, princess?

  • You have to tell Jurien
  • ... It's nothing

What will you do, princess? What kind of tactic would remove you from my grasp?

  • Bite his hand
  • Topple him

Klaude does not look okay at all.

  • Comfort him
  • Scold him


  • Let's look for Karma's gift first.
  • Let's run the errands first

Again. Why do you do this again, Lucette?

  • I came to speak with you
  • I came to give you something

This all feels familiar. Is this... Klaude?

  • Put your hand over his
  • Turn and point your sword at him

I feel like there is so much that I want from Klaude, but I do not want to ask for something that might make him sad.

  • I want a hug
  • I want you to smile

I feel flustered again and my mind feels foggy. I can barely comprehend what's in my mind, or in my heart.

  • Thank you
  • I am sorry


  • I want to keep practicing
  • I want to talk to you

Promise me you'll stay behind me. Please, Lucette. Give me the peace of mind.

  • I promise
  • I cannot promise that

Or more accurately, you would be afraid of me.

  • I could never be afraid of you
  • Why would I be afraid of you?