Rod Benedikt Widdensov
Sprite rod
General Information
Fairy Tale Curse The Little Mermaid
Species Human
Gender Male
Age 16
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Tinted Aqua
Occupation(s) Crowned Prince of Angielle
Family and Friends
Family Lucette (Step-sister/Love Interest)
Emelaigne (Sister)
Ophelia (mother)
King Genaro III (step-father)
Relationships Sebby (Doll)
Lucette (Step-sister/Love Interest)
Other Information
Talent Perfect Etiquette
First appearance Ice Princess

Rod Benedikt Widdensov is one of the romance-able options in Cinderella Phenomenon even though the main heroine is his step-sister. He is mute because of his curse, though he speaks with the help of his doll, Sebby.

Appearance Edit

Rod has blonde hair and aqua colored eyes. Because he is a prince, he typically dresses well. He is rarely seen without his stuffed bunny, Sebby.

Personality Edit

Rod initially comes off as cold and even rude to Lucette. He dislikes her because he believes that she has treated his family poorly in the past, and even refuses to help her break her curse in the beginning, claiming that everyone is better off if she remains cursed.

He is very caring and protective towards his sister, Emelaigne, and his mother, Ophelia. Later in the story, as Lucette begins to become more good and gets closer to breaking her curse, he softens towards her and begins to treat her the same way.

Curse Edit

Rod's Fairy Tale Curse is The Little Mermaid. He traded his voice in order to become a prince to make his childhood friend, Viorica, fall in love with him. In the original story of The Little Mermaid, the mermaid would turn into sea foam and die if her prince did not return her love. In Rod's case, if his love interest does not reciprocate their feelings, he is destined to die.

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