Happy Ending

Lucette found out about the real ending to the fairytale "The Little Mermaid" and realizes that one, there is a high chance of Rod dying, and two, the only other way Rod can keep living is to kill the person he loves (Viorica). Now realizing, Lucette runs to Rod's room only to find Emelaigne slowly walking to the throne room. Seeing a flash in Emelaigne's hand, Lucette's fear was confirmed. Lucette runs after Emelaigne but Varg comes and stops her, after a little chat, he lets her go. Stating that he wants to "See how this fairytale will end". In front of the door to the throne room, Mythros was there. After his attempts to try and stall Lucette, she finally manages to go into the room. In the throne room, Lucette sees Rod holding Emelaigne to him as she had fainted, as well as Viorica who is floating in mid-air. Mythros enters asking if Rod and Lucette likes this surprise and tells Rod how hard Lucette is trying to save him, even if it means working with Mythros. Rod reveals that he knew this was another way to break his curse and the reason why he didn't want to do it. Seeing that Rod didn't want to kill Viorica, Mythros puts a spell on him, forcing him to move and to kill Viorica. Delora appears and reveals that she knows Mythros (Myth). She quickly cast a spell which froze Rod in place. Mythros and Delora has a magic fight. Delora seemed to have lost, lying on the floor. Lucette wanted to go help her but Sebby called out. The frost on Rods legs have thawed and he is only a few feet away from Viorica. Lucette, not knowing what else to do, ran in between Rod and Viorica. Rod, not realizing soon enough, stabs Lucette on the shoulder.

Lucette gains her third piece of the glass slipper.

Broken from Mythros' spell, he tries to help Lucette by stopping the bleeding. Mythros yells at Lucette stating how much of a fool she was since she could've been killed. Suddenly there were frost on Mythros' legs making him immobile. Delora walks up and has a little talk. Soon, Mythros is fully frozen and is a piece of ice sculpture. Rod notices that Lucette is wearing a pair of glass slippers.

Lucette broke her Cinderella curse.

Lucette faints from blood loss.

Two days later

Lucette wakes up to be in her original bed. Back at the palace. Emelaigne walks in with a food tray, she and Lucette has a little talk and is now really good friends. Soon, Rod comes in as well. Emelaigne reveals that she now knows about Rod and Lucette's relationship and said that she supported them, she then left the room, leaving Lucette and Rod alone. Lucette is confused as to how Rod managed to break the curse and Rod explains to her.

Rod confesses his feelings.

Lucette is happy, but then remembered the fact that they are step siblings.

One month later

Lucette now got permission to go to the forest once in a while from her father. The truth is, Lucette and Rod arranged that they can meet secretly in the forest without anyone bothering them. They did a silent dance. In Lucette's mind, she wants this moment to last forever, just so she can be with him longer...

Bad Ending


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