Correct route choices are highlighted.

Where should I go?

  • Go left
  • Go right

But this is the truth?

  • So this is how you truly feel?
  • ...


  • Answer him
  • Avoid the question

Does she even want me here?

  • Stay with Emelaigne
  • Go outside

And so I ask him the question that has bothered me since we came here.

  • Why do you want me out of the palace?
  • Why do you not want to break your curse?

I glare at him as anger begins to bubble up in my chest.

  • Tell him off
  • Stay silent

Surely a lowly maid should not be doing this...

  • Refuse
  • Accept


  • Point out her mistake
  • Give her the correct answers

He already asked me that before. Is he really that worried?

  • I am fine
  • I am not


  • Talk to him
  • Stay with him

Rod is right. Sebby has blurted out his thoughts more than a number of times.

  • You are not doing a very good job
  • What do you mean by that?


  • Compliment him
  • Thank him

Would he believe me if I told him?

  • Tell him
  • Do not tell him

Why? So you can judge me?

  • I am not here to judge you
  • I am sure that I am a better dancer than you


  • Tell him
  • Do not tell him

Do you want to tell me what happened?

  • Explain the situation
  • Dismiss the gossip

He scowls, but does not say anything.

  • Tell him off for his behaviour
  • Say nothing

That is something you do not need to know

  • Plead with him
  • Get angry at him

I might have time to warn someone about him while he is distracted, but who?

  • Warn Rod
  • Warn Emelaigne

Tell me Lucette, what is he to you?

  • He is a friend
  • ... (this is the correct choice)

Was Sir Mythros really speaking the truth?

  • Ask him
  • Confront him

Lucette, I... really am sorry for what I did earlier.

  • You don't have to apologize
  • I apologize as well

He looks crestfallen...

  • Are you all right?
  • How was the wedding?